• Where can I find the lot number on my cart?

    The lot number label can be found either on the side of the bed frame or on the underside of the cart on the steel frame.

    Lot Label Location (Dump Carts)

    Lot Label Location (Steel Carts)

    Lot Label Location (Evolution Cart)

    Lot Label Location (Soft-Sided)

  • The item I just purchased has a missing or damaged part.

    You can submit a warranty claim using the warranty submission form https://gorillacarts.com/resources/warranty/, or by calling 1-800-867-6763 and speaking with a customer service representative.

    We will need a copy of your receipt, the model number of your cart and the lot # (located on a sticker on the frame of your product).  Replacement parts are available to send under warranty with proper documentation.

  • Where can I find replacement parts for my cart?

    We carry most replacement parts for carts. A parts list for each model can be found on the item page,  warranty or replacement parts page https://gorillacarts.com/resources/warranty/. The exploded drawing will show you a picture of the replacement part you will need. Parts can be ordered online, or by calling 1-800-867-6763 and placing an order with customer service. Retailers do not carry replacement parts.

    For non-warranty credit card purchases: Click on Replacement Parts https://gorillacarts.com/resources/replacement-parts/, enter the model number of your cart (the first two letters only) then hit search.  Next, click on the picture of your cart / model number and then you can pick the replacement piece for your cart that you would like to order. Wheels/tires are quoted as a unit (Tire-tube- rim- bearings = 1 unit) Finally click check out.

  • I cannot get the hardware to tighten all the way down.

    The nuts that come in the hardware kit are locking nuts. A lock ring can be seen inside the nut. The nut will thread easily onto the bolt until the threads of the bolt reach this lock ring, and then it will feel like it seizes up. This is because the bolt needs to thread itself through this lock, which takes more force to accomplish. Really crank on the hardware with the assembly tools you are using; it will not damage the hardware. Once the bolt breaks through this lock ring, it will become easier to tighten again. Please do not use impact wrenches as this will strip the bolts.

  • Are the bearings available separately for my cart wheel?

    Unfortunately, we do not have the bearings for the wheels available. The replacement wheel assemblies that we offer are the entire wheel and tire assembly (tire, tube, rim and bearings). The bearings come pressed into the hubs. We do have the measurements for the bearings if you should want to replace them yourself.

  • What is the PSI requirement on the tires?

    The recommended tire pressure is located on the warning label on the rim or on the side of your tire.

  • Where can I find the manual for my cart?

    The manuals for each item can be found on the cart page or under Resources / Documents & Manuals https://gorillacarts.com/resources/assembly-instructions/.

  • How do I return a replacement part for an exchange or a refund?

    Please place a copy of your receipt in a box that includes a note:  RETURN FOR CREDIT

    Please send to:

    Tricam Industries Inc.


    7677 Equitable Drive

    Eden Prairie, MN 55344


    When we receive the unused item, we will issue a credit for your original purchase price.

  • Where can I get information about the stake out sides option?

    Please use the link below to get detailed instructions on how to make the stake out sides.


  • Struts will not fit properly on cart

    Loosen the lock nuts on the axle so they are hand tight.  Place the struts on each side of the axle and hand tighten the lock nuts.  Once the struts are assembled, tighten all hardware.

  • Where can I find the date stamp on the Evolution Cart?

    The date stamp can be found on the bottom of the tub showing numbers 1 thru 12 with an arrow.

  • The bottom of the soft-sided cart does not stay flat when pushed into place

    There are 2 joints on the bottom of the bed – one beneath each “PUSH” label.  It is normal for the bottom joints to take a few pushes to get in the fully “open” position – especially if they are being pushed one at a time.  Pushing down on both joints at the same time is the best way to get them into the “open” position.  Once the cart is open, the bottom liner should lay on top of the bottom crossbars to create a flat bottom.